Welcome to my world of fun!

I love fashion, I love clothes I think its so fun to put together the perfect outfit (even if its just for lounging at home) I love how clothes have the power to transform our personalities, to lift our moods up, how outfits help us feel hot, sexy and confident or goofy or whatever you want. You can be whatever you want boo and that’s the power of fashion as I see it. I hope you love it here! 

I sell preloved pieces because not only they are so much fun by reselling this gems we help the planet. By choosing second hand/ preloved you choose to safe this treasures from landfill or don’t spend your $ on fast fashion. If you wanna read me rant on topics of environmental justice, social justice or the problems of fashion, textile industry or wide range of other problems check my blog posts. 

Thank you for reading this! Be you because you are the best!

Love T. 

vintage house of fun